Born and based in South London, Matthew started playing guitar at the age of 7. Through school years he progressed through classical, acoustic and electric guitar, playing in rock bands, big band jazz, musicals and laterly starting to teach. After a period of illness in his final year he enrolled at the prestigious Academy Of Contemporary Music, Guildford. 

Whilst studying under musicians such as Frank Trontoh (drums- ) and Giorgio Serci (guitar- ) he continued to take on students and tour both as an originals act and supporting vocalists/groups. It was also at this time Matthew's passion for music and supporting new acts (not to mention a fair amount of disdain and disappointment for other promoters) began to spill out into organising to running live events/promotions. Taking advantage or the massive surplus of talented acts that were pouring out of ACM, after a couple of false starts,' We Are Hear' took off and grew, with the idea of giving new bands their debut, whilst also providing a platform for performers/creatives to network in a more casual setting. 

Since graduating with a BA Honours Degree in Music Performance in 2016 Matthew sadly had another aggressive bout of illness. But, as of now (2018-) is fit and healthy again and fully available for performance and tuition. 

Extending beyond his speciality in guitar, Matthew also performs as a vocalist and arranger. 






-release of 4 M Ah




-began 'We Are Hear'

-formed touring band for EP




-performed as part of Ryley Walker tribute act




-supported Tom Taylor Biggs band

-began transcribing arrangements, rehearsing (with band) and recording for original EP




-supported vocalist Carli Ward

-first paid music sessions as lounge performer


before 2012


-NYJO London

-leaders (one of) of big band jazz secondary school group

-performed and arranged for first studio recordings

-started teaching first students

-shadowed Leon King on production of Delta Maid album at British Grove Studios




Fender Stratocaster (Japanese) Gold/Mint Green 1962 Re-Issue

Fender Deluxe 90' DSP 

Vox Valvetronix AC-30 FX

Vox Valvetronix ToneLab ST

ElectroHarmonix Big Muff Nano

Boss RC-30 Dual Track Loops Pedal

Boss FV-500H Foot Volume Pedal

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Pedal

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

Aria ACH-1Chorus Pedal

Aria AFZ-1Fuzz Pedal


Martin D-28 1971

Martin DCX1E


PA+4 Speakers

Shure SM-58


ProTools 10

Logic Pro X

Sibelius 7

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