Having had purposeful, enthusiastic tutors (and some perhaps less enthusiastic ones), Matthew is very aware of the galvanising effect a tutor can have on their students. As such, whether they are 7 or 77, just starting out or are well into their musical life, Matthew is fully committed to bringing the best out his students and making sure they enjoy it!


As a guitarist I am proficient across multiple styles on both acoustic and electric, practicing ideas, techniques and applications found in rock, blues, jazz, funk, punk, and pop. Relative to the guitar there are also essentials which are taught alongside these starting from the very basic major and minor scales, moving to pentatonic, major modes, modes of the harmonic and melodic minors, and beyond. 


Whilst I play and teach many styles, I specialise in the folk/blues based fingerpicking tradition defined by players like Davey Graham, Bert Jansch, John Renbourne and Wizz Jones. 


I am also able to teach students in more general music practices such as sight reading, ear training and the application of music theory. Furthermore I have experience using music software ranging from production (Protools, Logic, Cubase) to notation (Sibelius) meaning I can guide them through either their first forays into the recording studio or the transcription/arrangement side of their academics.







The Academy Of Contemporary Music

BA Honours Music Performance 

BTEC Level 3 Guitar Performance


Saint Cecilia's, Wandsworth

Music, Music Tech A Level

Music GSCE

Music Tech BTEC Level 2



Rockschool Grade 8