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Having had purposeful, enthusiastic teachers, Matthew is very aware of the galvanising effect a teacher can have on their students. As such, whether they are 7 or 77, just starting out or are well into their musical life, Matthew is fully committed to bringing the best out his students and making sure they enjoy it!


As a guitarist I am proficient teaching across multiple styles on both acoustic and electric, practicing ideas, techniques and applications found in rock, blues, jazz, funk, punk, and pop. Additionally, I am able to teach students in more general music practices such as sight reading, ear training and the application of music theory.


Depending on what student is aiming for, I am also experienced using music software ranging from production (Protools, Logic, Cubase) to notation (Sibelius) meaning I can guide them through either their first forays into the recording studio or the transcription/arrangement side of their academic studies.




The Academy Of Contemporary Music

BA Honours Music Performance 

BTEC Level 3 Guitar Performance


Saint Cecilia's, Wandsworth

Music, Music Tech A Level

Music GSCE

Music Tech BTEC Level 2



Rockschool Grade 8

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