Live Events

Though the first instinct is to play, Matthew has found through touring and supporting other acts, that he has the desire 'cultivate' music. It's a silly term, but you couldn't say 'help' either because it isn't really an act of charity either. There's a lot of great music that will never be heard by but a handful of people, which is not good enough. Surprisingly, or not, this is not what comes across as being the idea that drives a lot of promoters/live events or the people behind them. 


We Are Hear


Influenced by folk/country leaning live music night/collectives in London such as The Easycome and The Lantern Society, and aided by the overflowing number of musically similar new acts forming at ACM, and phonebook's worth those met touring in London and the UK, Matthew, also being one himself, had the idea to create somewhere to play. 


(that was wordy...)


It's a contemporary music school and so naturally doesn't give its focus to folk leaning acts, which is fine; they've got more than enough to do! With a little help it must be said, from some of the forerunning acts, Matthew set about organising the first night: booking the groups, hiring the venue, equipment and crew, promoting the event, (locally and online), and then on the night sound checking and a little comping. After one total misfire the (what would become) monthly live event, that would start with an array of 'troubadours' or as they preferred to be called 'songwriters' (get over yourself Matthew), building up to a few bands headlining, at least one always making the debut, became one of the best attended nights in the local area for original, new music. 

This was during Matthew's final year of ACM and towards the end of it as more and more people became aware of it, staff part of the music business side of the school got in touch and asked if they could add anything to it. After a couple of initial meetings there was the plan to give it more press with the school and more professional design/graphics- as opposed Matthew's harassing of more Photoshop savy friends and neighbours. Most exciting though was that ACM was opening a new campus in Clapham, London and they wanted to replicate the night there as well.