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A performer and songwriter in his own right, Matthew has been a fixture on the London acoustic scene since the age of 16. Think John Martyn, Bert Jansch, Tim Buckley rolled into one and thats... well actually that's Ryley Walker. I guess that means he doesn't have to be (CAN'T!) be that. So this is whatever's coming after that...

'Here I Stand, After...' is the soon to be released debut EP by Matthew Ridley, performed with a full band, at Spilt Milk Recordings in Guildford. Look out for exciting announcements in the near future confirming the release date and info. 


'4 M Ah' is a recreation of the seminal debut Bon Iver album 'For Emma/Forever Ago' on its ten year anniversary . Painstakingly put together note by note, it offers a different look in someone's musical grounding and in itself shows the influence music can hold over anyone. For a deeper look click the open and download the PDF of Matthew discussing '4 M Ah' below. 




This is the first in a series of video titled 'The Toilet Tour'. Matthew B Ridley has started a tour, going around performing in some of London’s most loved ‘underground’ music venues, right at the business end of things. Why the toilets you ask… well... why not? 


Filmed by Louis Judkins


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